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MISSED IT? Listen Here! The Real Teen Mom Talk Live: Episode 48 – The Plan

Nov 12, 14 MISSED IT? Listen Here! The Real Teen Mom Talk Live: Episode 48 – The Plan

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Are you excited? TRTMTLive is going BIG this holiday season! Listen HERE! Share...

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TRTMTLive Episode 47: What is Jenelle So Worried About?

If you missed the show tonight and want to hear it from the beginning… TRTMTLive Episode 47: What is Jenelle So Worried About? Thanks for listening! It was a great show! You guys are the best! Share...

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Nikkole Paulun Charging $25 for Autographed Photos?

16 & Pregnant’s Nikkole Paulun seems to be desperate to be famous, it’s believed that she recently (Allegedly) faked an entire pregnancy and stillbirth for attention and money. Now it’s being said that Nikkole is selling autographed photos of herself to fans she comes in contact with at parties. I listened in...

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16 & Pregnant Star Pregnant Again: “I really regret being on MTV”

16 & Pregnant’s Felicia Cooke is pregnant with her second child and is hoping for a little boy this time. The news however she regrets sharing online. She took to her facebook account to express her frustration about all the attention it’s getting. “Its ridiculous that I can’t put one thing out there about my...

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Meet Maddy & Karley From 16 & Pregnant Season 5!

That’s right! MTV’s 16 & Pregnant is filming yet another season as we speak. Thanks to our good friend The Ashley and her Reality Roundup we’re able to get a little sneak peek of the new season! First up is Maddy from Tinley Park, Illinois: Maddy very recently gave birth to a baby girl that […] … See the...

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Maci Bookout Warns New Mothers of What to Expect AFTER You Give Birth

Maci Bookout is one ‘Teen Mom’ who always seemed to have it a little bit more together, especially when it came to raising her son Bentley. No one is perfect of course and Maci, just like everyone else has made some mistakes along the way. In her new blog post “One Direction… OUT! Labor and […] … See the Full Article...

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Jenelle Evans Vs. Danielle Cunningham … Again

Anyone who bothers to keep up with Jenelle drama probably will remember that she and fellow ’16 & Pregnant’ cast-mate Danielle Cunningham don’t care for one another. They have had their share of internet fights in the past. Lately Jenelle has taken to “reporting” news on the other ‘Teen Mom’ stars to...

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Is 16 & Pregnant Scripted?

How much of Reality TV is actually reality? Well honestly after following this show for the past few years I can tell you it’s not very much. The girls of ‘Teen Mom’ usually say that the show represents their daily lives and their stories pretty well but consider the source, they are getting paid bank […] … See...

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Confirmed! ‘Teen Mom’ Returns for a New Season!!

Exciting news! It’s finally been confirmed that the original MTV show ‘Teen Mom’ is returning for a new season! Us Weekly is exclusively reporting that the show is in fact coming back in 2015. The ladies are very excited to be sharing their lives on ‘Teen Mom’ once again. Maci tells the magazine, “My family and...

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Nikkole Paulun to Appear in Playboy Magazine?

Some of you might be saying “Nikkole who??” Well let me refresh your memory here. Nikkole Paulun appeared in the second season of 16 and Pregnant. She was the one with the babyish voice and douchey boyfriend Josh. Nikkole was in the news a lot last year for allegedly faking an entire pregnancy that ended […] … See the Full...

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