CLASSY! Farrah Abraham Brags About How Much Money She Has

Aug 09, 13 CLASSY! Farrah Abraham Brags About How Much Money She Has

Teen Mom’s Farrah Abraham made a fool of herself last weekend while hosting the EOTM (Entrepreneurs on the Move) Awards in Los Angeles.

Members of the audience filmed the wanna-be starlet flubbing line after line, obviously struggling to get her lines right and keep the audience entertained. They were NOT entertained, more like offended.

Farrah patted herself on the back for her Raspberry Tones endorsement deal, then told the audience, “Money isn’t everything but, you know, I’ve got it.”

Not surprisingly, the audience was less than thrilled with Farrah. WHO does that??


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  1. I am not at all surprised this girl screwed up while doing a basic and simple speach, she can’t even put simple sentences together, she spits out words that aren’t even in the English language!! lol lol But seriously this girl needs some help in a big way!!! Farrah is very sick in the head and I am being serious no joke!! She needs to be admitted into a mental institution where qualified professionals like Dr. Phil who tried bless his heart to help with her “not telling the truth” problem!!! This girl is so selfish she will do absolutely anything to get her mug on tv. She has filled her face and body with plastic and saline. If she wanted to make changes to her body why didn’t she go and get that big ugly, brownish/black mole or mark or what ever it is tsken of her neck. It really is ugly to look at!!! She should think about getting it off not just becuse its ugly but because those kind of moles or marks can also be cancerous so if she had any kind of common sense in that dirty mind of her’s she would get that thing on her neck removed. Someone needs to step in and straighten this selfish girl out otherwise she will continue to make a fool of herself including putting her child in danger of getting setup to be bullied and teased while she is growing up. Once the people around her figure out who her mother is and what she has done regarding her disgusting life style there is no doubt her child will get labled and it will likely stick with her for the rest of her life. The chances are extremely high that Sophia will follow in her mothers foot steps, but lets hope not. OMG the thought of Sophia turning into another creature like her mother Farrah well, that is a very scary thing to think about!!
    Even if Farrah gets the help she so desperately needs immediately I have this feeling its to late for her now, and that’s really to bad and frankly quite sad!!!!

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