EXCLUSIVE! Is Jenelle Evans’ Baby up for ADOPTION??

Apr 16, 14 EXCLUSIVE! Is Jenelle Evans’ Baby up for ADOPTION??

Despite her best efforts, pregnant Teen Mom 2 bad girl Jenelle Evans has been unable to keep up the “Perfect Relationship” routine with her boyfriend (not her husband) Nathan Griffith. Things have been getting increasingly more tense between the two expecting parents, and Nathan says he isn’t sure the couple will make it. (Click to next page below)


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  1. The baby would be better off given to a hobo on the street, most certainly to a family that can’t conceive

  2. Jelly /


  3. Kelli /

    I’m not surprised. I am however surprised that you’re trying to take the “selling a baby” angle. Go to any adoption site- it’s not unusual at all to talk about compensation. They’re usually more than willing to cover doctor and insurance expenses and let’s not forget delivery… those bills can be enormous. It sounds like Nathan just wanted to know how much they pay for- lord knows they probably don’t have the money to pay for it.

    • That’s exactly right. Some agencies even cover living expences such as rent and groceries. And all agencies are VERY careful about it NOT turning into a “baby selling” thing because that is illegal. Lawyers generally are involved to make it go smoothly. I honestly think adoption is a good choice for them and then maybe some permanent birth control.

  4. 3391333k /

    I would love to have a baby girl . I would take good care of the baby and provide the loving care she needs. Look no further I would love to provide for her if you want to give her up.

  5. So u giving up ur baby because of a relationship? Smh this is the 3ed time she been pregnant the 2nd time she had taken a abortion pills from hwr doctors n now this. Smh

  6. brittney /

    Wtf is wrong with you ^

  7. Melissa /

    I would adopt kaiser in a heartbeat. I’ve been trying to get pregnant for 6 years

  8. I think he’s an a** , and it’s mostly him that just wanted his 15mins of fame and nothing else, I think she should keep it and focus on raising her 2 sons and forget finding a man and focus on building a better relationship with her mother who may always be yelling but is still always there for her and her kids even when no one else is!

    • JEhater /

      Right, cuz she’s doing a wonderful job with the first one.. Smh

  9. She needs to keep the baby she seems more responsible

  10. I would actually love to adopt her baby if she was really planning on doing adoption. I don’t live too far from where they are so it would be perfect.

  11. She doesnt take care of her other child god only knows how many abortions shes had. Just let her give that baby to somebody who will ACTUALLY love him/her!!!

  12. erika /

    This girl is a piece of shit ! she needs to grow the fuck up and learn what a fuking condom is ! and stop getting abortions and abandoning kids be it with her mother or trying to basically sell her unborn child. Next time she goes to jail (cause it will happen) hey should just keep her in there.

  13. Krappy /

    It’s a good thing Jelly didn’t break this story. She would probably report the baby is “interracial” like she does all her others when a baby is involved.

  14. Cindy /

    It’s a boy.

  15. ^^ well put I completely agree with you!!

  16. Krappy /

    Melissa – if you adopt the baby do you promise not to name him Kaiser?

  17. that is so screwed up she need to be fixed so she can’t have anymore kids if she can’t raise her son and the new baby she needs to learn to keep her legs closed

  18. Kimberly Linton /

    This girl needs serious help. Now.

  19. That is pretty sick! Does this idiot think that Janelle is some sort of surrogate (and therefore would be entitled to compensation)? What a moron! That poor baby.

  20. I would love to adopted her baby cause I can’t have kids and I want to be a mom :(.

  21. Honestly, I hope to God this child is given up for adoption. Then they need to fade into obscurity.

  22. It’s so sad. My husband and I can’t have children of our own, even though we want to so bad to be parents. We don’t have a lot of money to even adopt. If we had the money we would adopt her little one. Seeing this just is so sad, they have the chance to be parents unlike us who can’t.

  23. Jeanelle needs to have her tubes tied all she does is jump from man to man and get knocked up she needs to grow the hell up and raise the child she already has before making new ones it would be the best thing in the world for this child to be put up for adoption and never know he has a slut for a mother and a stupid meat head gold digger for a father i feel the worse for poor Jace who is stuck in the middle yes Barbara takes care of him but who do you think made Jeanelle the way she is she is gonna mess him up just like she did the first time but worse because he is stuck between two fuck ups great

  24. april bishop /

    I love u jennele and would be ur nanny and help.u raise ur baby. Dont give up and dont do anything.u.will.regret later.keep ur head up high and u do what u feel is.right..who cares.what the world.thinks.who.cares what naythan thinks. U can raise a baby alone. I did it with 5 babies.. if u need help contact me at april.bishop33@gmail.com. im 34 and my kids are almost grown as I had them all before age 18. I would even adopt the.baby if u.arent willing to.keep him and let me be ur.nanny. I have adopted 1 child and had him.the past ten years.hes on his way to graduating with the rest of my.kids..love you girl..you remind me of me so much..

    • That’s so creepy it’s not even funny. Also, if she reminds you of yourself so much, you probably should not be raising this child. Just saying.

      • april bishop /

        You don’t know anything about me. I have raised five children.one is adopted I’ve raised them to tens in their way to graduating high school.I’m in college for nursing ready to graduate myself you idiot. I can properly raise more if I’ve successfully raised 5 already moron.

  25. Liliona /

    Honestly wow that just crazy.I wouldn’t give up my baby for nothing. Fighting or not! I hope this baby is given to a loving home, if it would happen to be the case. Blows my mind. #PoorBaby

  26. Nathan really needs to calm down. Jenelle is pregnant and hormonal.

  27. Jenn_Renee2014 /

    If I adopt your baby can I finally meet you? You are my BFF!

  28. At this stage, if they were wanting to keep the baby’s adoption a secret there is only one way to do that, and it sickens me to think it. They have to fake the babies death right? How else could they act like nothing happened?

  29. Anissa Hultgren /

    Baby would be better off in a home that would love him. To much going on in both of there there lives. They both need to seek some help. Heart goes out to the baby.

  30. The baby should be given for adoption in a caring and loving family.

  31. Desiree Nicole /

    Are you serious!!?? Why would you get pg again and just give the baby away? Wow this bitch doesn’t need to have anymore kids!!! That’s not right but you got people in world who can’t have babies! 🙁

  32. Truthly /

    Jenelle is not and has never been “responsible”. I’m not one to judge a person’s past behavior because truth be told, we have all done things in the past that we are not proud of. But my problem with Jenelle is that it seems as though she doesn’t learn from her mistakes because she keeps making the same exact ones; especially when it comes to her choice in the guys that she dates. Once you make the same mistake more than once, it’s no longer considered a mistake, it becomes a choice.

    Jenelle’s problem is that she needs to learn how to control her anger and attitude. Until she actually figures out what her inner demons are that’s holding her back from truly changing, learning, and growing from her mistakes, she’ll always fall back to the same problems: drug use and domestic/dating abuse. As far as how I feel about her having another baby and the possible adoption, I would be happy if she adopted. Let’s be honest here, just because you can have children, doesn’t mean you should. Jenelle doesn’t even have custody of her first child. Even when she does spend time with Jace, she’s either arguing and cursing with her mom or Nathan right in front of him. Then her and her mom have the nerve to wonder why he’s cursing himself now and wondering where he learned the f-word from?! Seriously?! It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to know that Jace is showing out in an aggressive way simply because he is a product of his environment. Babs and Jenelle fight and argue like cats and dogs and have done so since Jace was a small baby, I hope that she adopts that child to a responsible adult who has their life together.

    I hope Jenelle goes through these comments and reads them.

  33. happy /

    Jenelle is an oxygen thief.

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