EXCLUSIVE! LIES, LIES & MORE LIES! Was Nikkole Paulun Ever Really Pregnant?

Aug 28, 13 EXCLUSIVE! LIES, LIES & MORE LIES! Was Nikkole Paulun Ever Really Pregnant?

After Nikkole Paulun of 16 and Pregnant sold her alleged pregnancy story to Radar Online, we invited her to come on our live show yesterday and talk about her experience.

Here was her response:



After working out the details with Nikkole, Sam called in to our show on Tuesday and talked about what allegedly happened with Nikkole’s pregnancy. Sam stated that Nikkole gave birth to a still born baby and that the story Nikkole told fans and the media about being pregnant was true.

A few hours after our show, we received a message from Sam, asking us to call her. Here is the message:



We called Sam around 10pm last night and did a follow-up interview with her, in which Sam squashed the validity of Radar’s story, saying that Nikkole faked the entire thing. You’ll hear everything from a fake baby belly suit, Nikkole allegedly stealing items from the hospital when Sam gave birth to her daughter, Nikkole setting up fake photos in the hospital for an alleged still-born baby, and so much more. Listen here:


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  1. Why is the recording of the call not working anymore?

    • Smarty /

      Too many people were unable to play the audio. It’s up now, but we will be replacing the audio as soon as the file is done converting to a more widely used format compatible with smartphones and tablets.

  2. Erica /

    So happy the truth finally came out! Way to go Sam 🙂

  3. The audio is not working for me, can someone please fix this?

  4. Lindsey /

    The video isn’t working for me…

  5. ManBearPig /

    me neither. 🙁

  6. Please make the youtube video public. It says I can’t listen to it because this video is private.

    • Smarty /

      Ok guys, the YouTube file has been fixed. Thank you for your patience!

  7. Linds /

    I AM SO PROUD OF SAM (I initially thought it was very telling that on instagram when it all first came out she was very quick to hate Nikkole and not defend her. Surely being pregnant at the same time should have brought them closer and she would have KNOWN she was pregnant, she doubted Nikkole all along! I thought this was more telling than any of the proof against Nikkole… and it was stacked pretty high.)

    Being someone who actually suffered loosing a baby recently, at 20, I initially felt so bad for Nikkole being questioned & almost felt a connection to her.I had my doubts but i wanted so bad to believe that no one would ever fake a story like this. She is a sick bitch, and so is her mom for encouraging behavior like this! My heart sank for poor sweet little Lyle, because he probably truly believed he was kissing his little brother goodbye! CPS needs to get involved or at least Josh’s parents and take that child out of her & her mothers care ASAP.

    I know Nikkole will get hers – as i am a firm believer in karma, although i still wouldn’t wish on her what she has so claimed has happened to her. I wouldn’t wish that on anyone it is truly the worst feeling anyone could ever experience.

    Mike should take every legal action he can against her. I bet it feels really good to be Teri & Mike right now and i hope they go on to find happiness & have a baby together, because i cant imagine the way Teri felt this whole time… wondering if the man she is falling in love with impregnated Nikkole, & being taunted to no end.

    Radar should not pay her, can they do something for making them look so bad?

    Dare i say *gasp* we found someone worse than Jenelle Evans? (what a quink-a-dink they were both ‘named’ Ashton) Everyone has a price, these girls need to raise their standards!

    • Smarty /

      You’re right, Linds, they shouldn’t pay her… but instead of admitting they got duped, they threatened us with litigation if we published our interview.

  8. So did you guys remove the video,Or is my internet just being slow?

  9. Emily /

    I am beyond disgusted. Being someone who did have a stillborn daughter at 38 weeks, I cannot fathom that ANYONE would fake that. That is not something you pretend. This girl definitely bought her ticket straight to hell.

  10. Omg this people do this shit. My fiances ex did it. She went as far to say that he killed the baby then painted baby killer on his truck. Our lawyer invesyigated and found out she had her tubes tied and no live birth or death certifcate was ever processed. She went as far as using her own daughters pregnency pictures of her tummy and ultra sound as well as using a baby picture from a nicu of someone elses baby and sent it to him. We found the mother of this baby and have notified her. She even uses this baby picture as her twitter profile. Nikkole is truly sick, women out there that actually o have this misfortune are going to be second guessed because of lying sick pigs like these women

  11. munsterghoul /

    Nikkole is disgusting

  12. Debbie McKeown /

    I defended Nikkole when I first read the story about her faking it because it sounded to far fetched to fake a pregnancy. I believe she must be mentally unstable and needs treatment now and Lyle needs to be in someone else’s care for the time being. From time being as she may make up there’s something wrong with Lyle for attention from the texts between Sam and Nikkoles mother her mom didn’t know she was lying until this came out and they are probably disgusted with her too.

  13. heather /

    This is just sick I have lost a son I don’t understand why anyone would be fucked up enough to fake the lost of a child of any age.

  14. you should have asked about baby stuff…sams her best friend, didnt nikkole buy anything for the baby? a crib changing table, diapers etc? i havent seen her upload any pics of stuff like that.
    i mean, i believe she faked it, but sam must have been to her home. i just wonder if she went as far as built a nursery.
    not that thats relevant in all of this. just curious

  15. I seen her july 3 lookinh very pregnant

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