EXCLUSIVE! Nathan Griffith: Serial Cheater, Deadbeat Dad

Jul 03, 13 EXCLUSIVE! Nathan Griffith: Serial Cheater, Deadbeat Dad

Teen Mom 2’s Jenelle Evans is head-over-flip flops in LOVE with Nathan Griffith. It’s been a wild few weeks for the new lovers, and of course Jenelle’s boyfriend came under fire for anything that anyone could find from his past.

What did we find? Oh, ya know… just his EX-WIFE, Allison.

Allison tells us that she and Nathan were married for 2 and a half years, and that they divorced because Nathan is a serial cheater! She tells us that she and Nathan had only been married for 10 months and were discussing a separation and possible divorce when she found out that she was pregnant with their daughter, Emery Lauren Griffith. Allison says that at that time, she and Nathan decided to try to make their marriage work for the sake of their un-born child.

Allison tells us that she couldn’t trust Nathan and decided to record his phone calls, which is how she found out he was still cheating, which led to their separation and divorce.

We asked Allison if Nathan is current on his child support, and she let us know that Nathan does nothing in the way of supporting his daughter, and that in Emery’s entire life, Nathan has paid a total of $150 in child support. Yikes!

Even though Allison says she receives no help from Nathan, she says things are going great for her and Emery!

Emery and Allison

We leaked this to a little birdie of ours a few days ago, and we’re told that Nathan is none too happy about it, but why would he be? It’s kinda… EMBARRASSING.

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  1. sweetangelbaby /

    …..why does this not shock me

  2. CHINelle hater /

    This dirtbag loser is only with jenelle for money and his 15min of fame! He needs to be in jail with all the deadbeat dads she brings home keefer ect..Jenelle is a junkie liar no good deadbeat mom herself and needs to b in a hospital in a padded room ..the one person who is forgotton the one person who has been there from day one is little jace..jenelle couldent care less she would sell that baby for a line of coke!Jenelle evans ROGERS still married is still jumping from bf to bf what a disgustin deadbeat mom she is….mtv SHAME ON YOU..YOUR AN ENABLER U PROVIDE DOPEMONEY ..UR DISGUSTING JUST LIKE JENELLE…rot in hell jenelle ur twisted sick bitch..my heart goes out for.little jace..poor guy dosent have a chance.used by mom and grandma for.an mtv cheque…..nathan u will get whats comin jenelle will have u in jail for assault efore ur next steroid shot…

  3. confused86 /

    From what I have read allison doesn’t have custody of their kid either, her parents do so if he was to pay child support to anyone it would be allisons parents… shes been arrested for drug offences as well so doesn’t seem that much different to jenelle she just got her act together a bit quicker. .. probably easier to do so out of the media without the pressure negativity and judgment….

    • LAV /

      If jenelle really wanted to get her life together out the eye of the pubic she could of said no to season 5 and would stay off twitter.

  4. pfft he hit on me i have the whole convo ss.. idiot man im telling yah

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