EXCLUSIVE! Taylor Lewis: Grand Theft Auto

Jul 09, 13 EXCLUSIVE! Taylor Lewis: Grand Theft Auto

*Updated 7/10/13 – See end of article*

Teen Mom 2’s Jenelle Evans became fast friends with Taylor Lewis when Jenelle’s husband and Taylor’s daughter’s father, Courtland Rogers, remained jailed after his and Jenelle’s famous heroin arrest.

After Jenelle met her current fling, Nathan Griffith, and he became the center of her world, Taylor and Jenelle haven’t spent as much time together. Maybe that explains why Taylor didn’t have a ride last night.

The Real Teen Mom Talk was contacted EXCLUSIVELY by a “friend” of Taylor’s, Jennifer, this morning. Apparently Taylor has us saved in her phone and her “friend” Jennifer called this morning, going the hell off. The caller-id read Wilmington, NC, so there was really no telling which one of Jenelle’s group it was.

TRTMT: Hello?
Caller: Who the f*ck is this?
TRTMT: Uhhhh, no. Who’s calling?
Caller: This is Jennifer, where the fuck is Taylor??
TRTMT: Who??
Jennifer: How do you know Taylor Lewis?!?
TRTMT: (laughing) I’m a reporter.
Jennifer: F*CKING GREAT! I’ve got a STORY for you!! Taylor Lewis stole a car last night and nobody knows where she is!

Jennifer went on to say that Taylor approached her neighbor, Daniel Scott, last night and asked to borrow his car. Taylor reportedly told Daniel that it wouldn’t take long, and lied to him about having a driver’s license. According to Jennifer, this happened at 9pm Monday night.

Allegedly, the night came and went, but Taylor didn’t return with Daniel’s car. Because her phone service has been shut off following a disagreement with her previous employer, Taylor left her non-working phone and wasn’t able to be reached all night.

As we were talking to Jennifer, Taylor pulled up in Daniel’s car and was told that the police were looking for her, at which time she fled the scene.

More details as this story progresses.

UPDATE! Jennifer says that Taylor “got real lucky” and Daniel isn’t pressing charges. We asked if they will remain friends, and the short answer was, “NO.”


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