EXCLUSIVE!! Teen Mom Caught Red Handed! AGAIN!

Feb 04, 14 EXCLUSIVE!! Teen Mom Caught Red Handed! AGAIN!

Alex Sekella has been through a lot, right? Her daughter’s father, Matt McCann, was hooked on drugs when we saw them on Teen Mom 3, and since then the two have been in an almost constant battle over now 2 year old Arabella.

That’s the way things look after editing, but Sekella is far from the victim. After being caught lying in court documents about where she resides, much more information began to surface about the teen mom.

Although Sekella claims she doesn’t have a criminal record, she has, in fact, been charged with assault and harassment multiple times. During one of the incidents she was pregnant with Arabella. Classy.

Sekella also made false claims to the judge in the child support case, claiming not only that McCann didn’t pay his court-ordered child support, but also that he made more money than he actually did. The judge dismissed the claims.

Although these lies seem spiteful and angry on the part of Sekella, you really haven’t seen anything yet.

The Real Teen Mom Talk was sent a copy of Arabella’s birth certificate today, clearly detailing the biggest lie Sekella has been caught in to date.

Co-parenting can be a struggle, especially when you don’t even know your child’s last name.

In a failed attempt to convince McCann to give up and walk away from his daughter, Sekella told McCann that he wasn’t on Arabella’s birth certificate and that she didn’t have his name.

The birth certificate clearly shows that although McCann’s name doesn’t appear in the space designated for the father, Arabella does carry his name. The little princess is officially known as Arabella Elizabeth Sekella McCann.

And THAT is the truth.

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  1. Meh. You’re getting one side of the story I’d like to hear Alex’s.

  2. manda(@coveryourrcough) /

    I always knew she was a little crazy.

  3. Pearl /

    The only problem with that Ally…is alex wouldnt know the truth, if it jumped up and bit her in the buttocks…..there are 3 sides to every story his-hers- and the TRUTH and those who know these two know whose lying and guess what.??? its not the Daddy..bahaahaaa

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