EXCLUSIVE! The Truth about Matt McCann Rumors

May 21, 14 EXCLUSIVE! The Truth about Matt McCann Rumors

Not everything you see on the internet is true… Especially when it comes from people looking for nickels. šŸ˜‰

UponĀ hearing rumors about Matt McCann being broke, unemployed & looking to pay less child support, we went straight to the source.

First of all, Matt is currently employed, although he is looking for a job thatĀ can offerĀ more hours.
Matt is looking to change the amount of child support he pays monthly. TheĀ payment was calculated wrong from the beginning,Ā & he’dĀ been advised to have it modified in January.
Additionally, heĀ is seeking more time with Arabella. Child support is supposed to be used for the child’s care & if she is with him, then he will be paying for anything she needs at that time.

Matt has always been very honest about the mistakes he’s made & open to change them. He is bettering himself so that he can be the father Arabella deserves. While it is easier to bring up the past, it’s far more important to look to the future.

& if that doesn’t work, consider the source. šŸ™‚

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P.S. How adorable is that picture of Matt & Bellie? Precious!


  1. margo /

    is he still with lekota?

  2. Matt has shown a commitment to his daughter and sobriety. He’s a changed young man! I hope all the best for him and his family’s future. He deserves a lot of credit for an extraordinary turn around.

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