FIRST PHOTO! Teen Mom 3 Baby Bump!

Aug 15, 13 FIRST PHOTO! Teen Mom 3 Baby Bump!

With Teen Mom 3 set to air in less than 2 weeks, the moms hit New York City on a promotional tour… minus Mackenzie Douthit.

In the wake of small-town rumors, Mackenzie recently announced that she was married almost 2 months ago, and that she and husband Josh are expecting their second child together.

Mackenzie and Josh were married on June 17, their license was recorded at the Ottawa Oklahoma County courthouse on June 18. The couple is set to celebrate their big day this Saturday, August 17 in front of friends, family, and MTV cameras.

Here’s the first picture of Mackenzie’s newly-pregnant bare belly. Super cute!


We wish Josh, Mackenzie, Gannon, and Baby McKee a life of health, wealth, and wisdom. xoxo


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  1. Is her friend holding something up to her crotch so it looks like she has a dick? You’re right- super cute, precious, classy and appropriate first bump photo! That’s one for the baby book. Smdh.

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