INAPPROPRIATE? Farrah Abraham Shares Strange Questions From Daughter Sophia

Dec 30, 14 INAPPROPRIATE? Farrah Abraham Shares Strange Questions From Daughter Sophia

We all know Teen Mom star Farrah Abraham is reeeeeally open with her sexuality. We’re just wondering how that affects 5 year old Sophia.

On the anniversary of Sophia’s dad’s death, Farrah posted on Facebook detailing the toll Derek’s death has had on her and Sophia. She included questions that Sophia asks about her dad… and we found them a little strange.

6 years later now I hear the best questions ever from our blessing, most would think the questions aren’t appropriate. ” Did daddy see you in your underwear”, ” Did daddy lay next to you” & “Did daddy kiss you” the questions go on and surprisingly throughout this year .
I’m blessed I can say “yes” to every question, and I’m blessed Sophia has so much strength and love in her heart as her eyes light up with all my answers and recounts of the years before she was born .

She was definitely right when she said most wouldn’t find the questions appropriate! You’d think a five year old would ask questions about daddy’s favorite color or his favorite foods, maybe his favorite place to go. Surely far from their little innocent minds would be questions about seeing mommy in her underwear or laying next to her in bed.

Do Sophia’s questions make you wonder what she’s seeing at home? Comment below and let us know!

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  1. Icantdealwithstupid /

    That’s very weird, my kids never asked that, they never really asked much of anything. She’s just typical Farrah, lying for attention

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