INTENSE!! The Real Teen Mom Talk Live with Nathan, Jenelle, Courtland, and Taylor!

Sep 06, 13 INTENSE!! The Real Teen Mom Talk Live with Nathan, Jenelle, Courtland, and Taylor!

The show today went absolutely nothing as planned. This show was totally impromptu because Nathan Griffith and Jenelle Evans called in at the very beginning.

After talking with Nathan, we spoke with Courtland. Nathan called back in with questions for Courtland and things got WILD!

Listen to the show here:

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  1. That was crazy!

  2. Emily Keener /

    That was absolutely crazy!!!! I absolutely love you guys!!! Y’all are like my favorite radio show ever!!! You’re hilarious!! Love from 423 Tennessee!!!

  3. pollyanna /

    where’s the link as I cant find it

  4. barbara /

    your not suppose to be in a relationship the first year in recovery and your not suppose to date someone in the recovery also.

  5. jenelle ur a whore lool!!

  6. Nathan is a moron. He just got arrested for his FORTH DUI! Plus Xanax and Klonopin are schedule 4 substances which mean they have LOW potential for physical or psychological dependence. I’m a nurse and if she gets that depressed from tweeter “haters” she needs to just simply stop posting every aspect of her life online not smoke marijuana! The law is the law, being stressed doesn’t mean you get to just break the LAW. If that were true, we would ALL be stoners. She’s not the only person who deals with bullshit. She’s self-centered if she thinks that. Some women and men in the world are actually abused by their spouses, and this drama is nothing compared to real abusers. I’m just so disappointed that these knuckleheads think they have real life problems with their MTV money and neither of them actually have their children.

    • KC, you may be a nurse but you know nothing about xanax and klonopin. Withdrawal from benzodiazapenes can cause seizures and even death. It damn sure was a horrible and painful experiance for me.

  7. Thank-you! That is what I have been thinking this whole time. She jumped right in but she should focus on recovery for at least a year! Proven Fact!

  8. Emily /

    Hahaha! He sounds like he rides the short bus. I bust out laughing every time I hear him speak.

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