JENELLE EVANS: No Longer ‘Set For Life’ – Paycheck Gets Cut!

Jun 02, 14 JENELLE EVANS: No Longer ‘Set For Life’ – Paycheck Gets Cut!

For the last few years Jenelle Evans has made a decent monthly income from the content sharing website, Sulia. She often bragged to nay-sayers about how much money she was making writing about herself and the other Teen Moms.

It was long speculated that Jenelle was making 5 cents every time a Twitter or Facebook user clicked one of her Sulia links, which often led to Teen Mom blogs… most recently her own.

Those days are over folks. That’s right. Jenelle no longer makes money for directing traffic to Sulia and ripping off Teen Mom blogs.

Sulia no longer pays for traffic, and is now essentially a sponsored tweet type platform. Jenelle gets paid to direct her followers to websites that pay Sulia for traffic.

Here’s an example
Here, Lifescript has paid Sulia to have their users direct traffic to the Lifescript website.

The only way Jenelle can make money with Sulia now is to trick readers into thinking the link is actually something relating to her life, and it NEVER is. Sorry bout it, Nellz 😉

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  1. Gale /

    She should name her kid Archie cuz she arches her back in her pics lol


    Love that!!! Thanks!!

  3. Cristina /

    Surprise surprise! The only money that Jenelle is interested in making is the EASY kind…that requires the least amt of sweat and drug testing!! Lol!

  4. MichaelzMama /



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