LEAVE ME ALONE! Jenelle Evans Says Fans Ruined What?

Jun 09, 14 LEAVE ME ALONE! Jenelle Evans Says Fans Ruined What?

Teen Mom 2’s Jenelle Evans and current boyfriend (not her husband) Nathan Griffith took Jenelle’s son, Jace, to play with Nathan’s daughter, Emery on Sunday.

The makeshift family spent time on the beach, in the pool, and in a hot tub before Jenelle claims they had to leave because she was being harassed by her fans.

See the photo gallery of the family’s day out HERE!

Jenelle tweeted:

It’s sad we have to leave his (Nathan’s) mom’s resort becuz everyone is following me everywhere I go… Come up SAY HI then please leave me alone.

Jenelle tweeted a few minutes later, saying:

I understand u guys get excited and I’m glad to meet all of u but I also love the time I get with my son and want to cherish every moment.

The second tweet seems like it was an afterthought once she realized how the first tweet probably made her look. Fans weren’t buying it though. One girl (@ScreamBeautiful) made a pretty good point, telling Jenelle:

Then maybe you should stay home for ONE day? Yah know spend quality time with him where you’re not out in public trying to impress ppl…. read him a book, play games, sit outside in your backyard and have a picnic.

What do you think? Does Jenelle have the right to complain about fans in public? Comment below and tell us what you think!


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  1. Cass /

    Idk how I feel as far as the whole complaining thing goes. I am not famous or simi famous, so I don’t know what it is like to have “fans” wanting to talk to me while I am out spending time with my family, but I imagine it gets incredibly annoying and puts a damper on the fun you have planned. But, she did sign on for this…soooooooI fail to see how @ScreamBeautiful made a good point. Is she really suppose to only spend time with Jace at her house? I mean, I am in no way, shape, or form a Jenelle fan…I can’t stand her. But I just don’t see how staying home with him is a good idea? Kids like to do more than just stay at home. And how do we know she doesn’t already do that? After all, it would be in the privacy of her home….so no one would know unless she broadcasts it to the world (which I wouldn’t put past her).

  2. april /

    She has every right to be able to go out in public without people going crazy yeaah she could stay inside but she shouldnt have to she should be able to take her child out in public!

  3. Tobi Patrick /

    Well I think she has a right to do whatever she wants to do!! If we can go to the beach and bond with our children than why can’t she it is the same concept!! No one has a right to judge her because she wants to take her kid to the beach!! I think it is goodshe can teach him a lot when they get out of the house a lot of hands on stuff! Like how to build a sandcastle, I’m sure he’s going to remember that more than “hey mom you remember that day you made me stay inside so we could read some books”!!? Cut her some slack she’s only trying to have a family!

  4. teen mom fanatic /

    First, everyone is mad at her for not spending time with Jace and being on drugs.. now she’s changed and taken more responsibility and people want to dictate how she spends time with HER son, oh PLEASE. Leave this girl alone and get your own life. smh

  5. Name one woman that wants to stay in a house all day with their kids or a child for that matter, I’m with jenelle. She should be able to take her son and family out without being harassed.

  6. Peggy Delaney /

    Janelle is a true bitch. She needs to give her two big dogs loving homes instead of keeping them in small cages all their lives. She is an animal abuser, which usually grows into abusing people. She is sick in the head and I can’t stand her. MTV – shame on you for filming the abuse of those poor animals on Teen Mom Wednesday night.

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