LIVE INTERVIEW! Courtland Rogers on Life, Drugs, and Sobriety

Aug 23, 13 LIVE INTERVIEW! Courtland Rogers on Life, Drugs, and Sobriety

The Real Teen Mom Talk Live debuted today with the estranged husband of one of Teen Mom’s most controversial cast members ever.

Courtland Rogers sat down with us and talked about what it’s like to be Jenelle Evans’ estranged husband, life after lockup, being sober, and more. Courtland took calls from his fans and you can hear it all here:



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  1. Clarissa /

    Why is he being called a cast member? He’s not on the show and he never will be and never was.

  2. Courty you are one sexy mofo

  3. He’s not. It’s important to make sure you read and understand what you’re reading before commenting. The caption reads “the estranged husband OF one of TM’s most controversial cast members (Jenelle Evans)” NOT that he himself is a cast member.

  4. Angela /

    how can I hear the interview???

  5. His voice makes him sound so doped out. I don’t know if that’s just how his voice is but I’m just saying. I don’t believe he’s sober or anything he says.

  6. I think he is just really thinking clear headed now. He answered a lot of tough questions with respect and truth. I’m glad we finally got to hear his side of things and that’s why I like this website so much. The magazines don’t give u all the facts,teen mom doesn’t give u all the facts and twitter sure doesn’t give u all the facts.. Oh and at the end of the show when Taylor started twitting that she would call in so they could talk, not cool! be a mom be a grow up and show some maturity and call your baby daddy on the phone when there’s not people listening in.. He said Taylor was a good mom so maybe she should start trying to be a friend to him I think that’s a good place to start over

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