MORE INFO! Teen Mom Star Tax Evasion! – She Owes a HUGE Amount to IRS!

Jun 05, 14 MORE INFO! Teen Mom Star Tax Evasion! – She Owes a HUGE Amount to IRS!

Seemingly pretty responsible, we wouldn’t have guessed that the culprit would be the original Teen Mom’s Maci Bookout.

InTouch broke the story, but we have more details for you after speaking to a family member of Maci’s.

Most viewers aren’t aware that taxes aren’t taken out of the Teen Moms’ paychecks. MTV pays them as “independent contractors,” not actual employees, giving MTV a tax break and making the Teen Moms responsible for paying taxes on their earnings on their own at the end of the year.

In 2011, Maci skipped the part where she was supposed to pay taxes, and the bill has finally caught up with her. After repeated failure to pay on Maci’s part, the bill turned into a federal tax lien (which means the government now has a legal claim against Maci’s personal property).

InTouch obtained a copy of the tax lien issued against Maci in the amount of… get ready… brace yourself… almost EIGHTY THOUSAND DOLLARS. The exact amount Maci owes is $78,308.00.


A member of Maci’s family says the reality starlet hasn’t even made a dent in the bill in the last 3 years, (which is why the lien was filed) opting instead to spend her money on “plane tickets to see her boyfriend in Texas and other vacations.” The family member also confirmed to The Real Teen Mom Talk that Maci is still earning money as a contracted laborer, doing freelance promoting for companies on social media. That means taxes aren’t being taken out of her checks in 2014.

Is Maci paying taxes on her income now or adding to her tax woes?

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