OUCH! Farrah Abraham’s Alleged Boyfriend Speaks Out

Feb 11, 14 OUCH! Farrah Abraham’s Alleged Boyfriend Speaks Out

If you’ve been watching Couples Therapy this season, you know Farrah Abraham is still trying to prolong her 15 minutes of fame. I realize that sounds harsh, but she is on the show ALONE!

There has been a lot of speculation as to why she’s flying solo on a show for couples.  Abraham claimed that her then-boyfriend, Brian Dawe, was supposed to show up to the house to go through therapy with her. Her latest claim is that he had a mental breakdown & that’s why he didn’t make it.

Brian has a totally different story.

Since the show started, Dawe has been vocal about why he’s not there. His reason? Their relationship was fabricated. Brian took to twitter to tell his side of the story:

“Who would have a mental breakdown over Farrah Abraham? IT WAS NEVER REAL. I have a REAL girlfriend and I didn’t do the show because I had ethical issues with LYING to America. The network tried to convince me to LIE and I refused. I turned down $30k for my morals. I survived cancer, the death of my father, and much more. I have toured the world and been on a REAL reality show. And she thinks that after all that meeting her for 24 hours would give me a “mental breakdown.” This woman is a joke and the laughing stock of society. So to clarify I DID NOT have a “mental breakdown”. I passed on a trashy TV show because I have morals and won’t lie to the American public.”

If you still don’t know who to believe, Brian posted an email between himself & someone we presume works for the network:


Well… this isn’t the first time Farrah faked a relationship for fame. See: Backdoor Teen Mom.

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