RECAP! TRTMTLive: MTV Paid, Jenelle Complained

Jan 21, 15 RECAP! TRTMTLive: MTV Paid, Jenelle Complained

Hi Friends!

Welcome to a very lengthy recap of The Real Teen Mom Talk Live!

The episode consisted of a run-down of the most recent Jenelle Evans drama.

To bring you up to date, Nathan & Jenelle were on her ‘birthday trip’ to St. Thomas. They brought Noah, Nathan’s brother, Paula, Noah’s girlfriend, Pat, Nathan’s friend & Candy, Pat’s wife along.
You might remember Pat & Candy from the infamous white dress scandal. Jenelle, in all of her glory, wore a white ass dress WITH a train to Pat & Candy’s wedding. Ugh.

It all started with a picture.

The picture is of Paula on the balcony at the hotel room in St. Thomas. On the table, you see a straw with foil. We’ve been told that this is a makeshift weed pipe. Dear God, Jenelle. You went to rehab for weeeeeed.

Next, Paula took to twitter:
“I love Nate but so sorry Nate your bitch is a fucking cycle”
(we think she means psycho.)
“Now have added all your tweeter people are you people that don’t have a fucking thing to do in your life enjoy it yes she is a bitch.”
“I’m done with this shit I’m done with the fucking bullshit I’m done with that bitch I will fuck her ass if she gets near me.”
(girl, we have to work on punctuation.)

Trouble in paradise begins.

Twitter started to assume that Jenelle’s birthday trip was paid for by MTV.

Pat posted on Instagram confirming that MTV paid for the hotel & Nathan paid for their flights. On spirit airlines. Which is like driving a 1972 Pinto to Puerto Rico according to Smarty. LOL

Nate then posted a tweet, which he deleted shortly after that said
“I don’t know what’s going on but yea mtv paid for the room as compensation. I’m getting sick of all this drama. I’m in St. Thomas.”

Jenelle, as she does, posted on Facebook
“Well now I know who I will & will not invite to my wedding.”
(because that’s the ultimate punishment.)

Paula then posted a screenshot of a text conversation between her & Jenelle. Basically, Jenelle told her she couldn’t charge anything to the room because it was under her card. Paula told her that MTV cleared her to charge anything, they were paying & basically invited JE to come visit. In a not so nice way.

When the couples started to leave vacation, the truth started coming out. Take it from Candy…
“ This trip has been awful. Worst trip of my life.. jenelle and Nathan have fought the whole time on a level to which I’ve never seen before in my life… they have got into fights with all of us over them being rude and stupid. Jenelle kicked nathans brother and all of us out of the hotel because she came in yelling at paula for no reason. If only people knew what us four have been through because of them no one would be saying its because paula noah or Patrick. Its hell here with them
Mtv paid for our dinner and we said we would pay for it… which hes the one who picked out the most expensive restaurant here. So I said hey thank you Nathan. And when we got to the taxi he said hey since I paid for dinner how about everyone suck my dick… wtf… he didn’t even pay for it because we talked to mtv and she said they paid for us. Wait until I get home. 
I know so much shit im pissed. We don’t even know noah and paula and we love them now. If I only had TMZ number… jenelle and Nathan made this trip hell. We babysat everyday and had them throw up money and talk about everyone like a dog…. Better be glad we are here and not in the states.
Just wait because I have so much stuff to say about the proposal and the trip. FAKE ASS everything… sorry my typing is all wrong. I’m texting fast and I’m angry.”

Candy revealed that she had a video.

Jenelle tweeted that Pat choked Candace out. Her & Nathan argued because of Paula. Everyone was mad that they couldn’t charge drinks to Jenelle’s room. She claims Paula stole a life jacket from the plane, which is a federal offense. She couldn’t believe she had to go home with them…
so basically, IT’S EVERYONE’S FAULT BUT JENELLE! Are we surprised? That’s like her life motto.

Then, Candy posted a text message between JE & Nathan to remind J that she did have some solid proof not everything was picture perfect. It was dejavu. Apparently, he was talking to other girls. I swear we’ve heard this story before.

Cue Jenelle taking her happy ass back to twitter to tell her 1 million followers that she’s really upset about what happened & she is sorry if anyone got offended.
At this point, we realized she must have really stuck her foot in her mouth on this trip & she was recorded.

Candy told us some more things we already knew… JE spent the trip looking up her ex’s social media accounts.. & nathan’s ex’s.. & also her ex’s ex’s. That’s what I want to do when I first get engaged for sure.
She hates her fans.
She smoked weed on vacation.

Next, came gummy bear gate. Allegedly, to calm Jenay down, MTV gave her gummy bears. WEED GUMMY BEARS. Bless her heart.

Tired yet? We’re just getting started.

Jenelle became single on facebook & posted “Well they accomplished what they wanted. </3”
Then she got the flu, but decided to have her bff Ryan Dolph over anyways. He let his end game be known, he just wanted to make things right.
What’s crazy is that if Dolph is the mediator & best friend, why did he sit at home while everyone else got to go to St. Thomas?

Candy then let out that J & N got engaged prior to the vacation & filming it in St. Thomas was all set up. So no, it wasn’t unexpected or shocking. It was already done a week prior.

This is the point in the timeline in which the first video was uploaded. You can hear Jenelle say to Noah “I hope you would of died in combat. Because no one…. I hope you fucking die.”
“I heard your best friend got killed in the war. Guess what?”
at that point, the entire room got up & went towards Jenelle.
As this is being written, more than 225 thousand views are on the video.

A recording of a conversation with Ryan Dolph was sent to us& it goes as follows. This is Jenelle’s side & reason (I use that term lightly) for saying the horrible things that she said to Noah.

Ryan: Okay. I’m friends with Jenelle Evans. She went on vacation. Nathan took two of his friends, his brother & his girlfriend. These girls have turned on Jenelle while they were on vacation. Jenelle has cut them off, this has been going on for like four days now. Jenelle don’t associate with them, won’t talk to them, won’t do nothin’, so they’re mad cuz they’re no longer friends with Jenelle Evans. You know what I mean? So they keep on going around with their bull shit, you know what I mean? & keep the bullshit going. I just stuck up for Jenelle & told them to fuck off pretty much. –inaudible-
Caller: Why don’t you just change your number?
Ryan: I’m not going to change my number. I’ve had my number for years. It’ll only go on for a couple of hours. It won’t go on forever, you know what I mean? Like I’m not gonna change my number because people wanna call it, you know what I mean?
its just aggravating because all these people fall for other peoples bull shit. I understand people don’t like my friend but that’s just what they see on tv, you know what I mean?
Caller: Well, what was said before for everyone to get mad at Jenelle?
Ryan: -paaaaause- well, they all went on vacation & evidently, Nathan’s friend & all them were, like charging mad alcohol drinks to, like, Jenelle’s account, you know what I mean? At the hotel. So, Jenelle got mad about it, pretty much, you know? Jenelle’s like ‘I didn’t buy that. You just spent $500 of my money,’ you know? & that’s what this is all about, you know what I mean? Because they were down there using them & like, you know, jenelle wasn’t going to settle for that.

The conversation drags on with about 50 more “you know what I means?” & excuses for days why we should pity poor Jenelle, be jealous that she isn’t our friend & excuse the awful things that come out of her mouth.

So for the sake of conversation, how surprised are you at this? Do you think Jenelle proclaiming in a tweet that she already apologized is enough?

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