SERIOUSLY? Pregnant Teen Mom Exposes Unborn Child to Risk of Birth Defects?!

Apr 23, 14 SERIOUSLY? Pregnant Teen Mom Exposes Unborn Child to Risk of Birth Defects?!

Teen Mom 2’s Jenelle Evans just can’t get it together. A year ago today, Jenelle was pregnant with her husband’s baby. Jenelle aborted that baby and got pregnant with her boyfriend’s baby within WEEKS.

Multiple times during this pregnancy Jenelle has been caught smoking cigarettes and marijuana… even drinking after she knew she was pregnant, as evidenced in Season 5 of Teen Mom 2. Although Jenelle and her boyfriend (not her husband) Nathan have attempted to portray their relationship as close-to-perfect on social media, we saw a much different side of things on Teen Mom 2 this season. Jenelle has claimed to be “sober” for over a year, yet Nathan told us on our radio show that Jenelle does still smoke weed sometimes.

Today, Jenelle decided to have a “beach day,” as she often does, and spent the time baking in the sun, sans sunscreen.


No big deal? Think again. Not only is Jenelle at higher risk of skin cancer while pregnant (increased hormone levels makes the skin of pregnant women super sensitive to UV rays), she’s putting her unborn baby at serious risk.

Ultraviolet rays from the sun breaks down folic acid, which helps reduce the chances of birth defects. Sunbathing also drains the body of fluids causing dehydration and overheating. Dehydration while pregnant causes pre-term labor, and overheating (raising the body’s core temperature too high) causes birth defects. The sun is more dangerous to pregnant women, and most doctors very strongly discourage pregnant patients from sunbathing.

Do you think Jenelle is taking unnecessary risks with this baby’s health? Comment below and let us know what you think.

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  1. Rachel /

    I was out in the sun a lot when I was pregnant. I was on extra folic acid for another issue, and I had zero problems. As long as you’re staying hydrated, she should be fine. I’d rather her be outside than at home hitting the bong.

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