Teen Mom 2 Transformations

Jun 18, 13 Teen Mom 2 Transformations

It seems like forever since we met these four on 16 & pregnant.

Here are our Teen Mamas then & now!

Chelsea is still just as pretty as she always has been! We’ve seen her rock just about every hair color under the sun & do a lot of growing up in front of the camera. Proud of you, Chels! & maybe it’s just me, but I want that girls hair!

Kailyn hasn’t changed too much in the looks department, BUT, her life sure has. She’s co-parenting with Jo & is now married!

Jenelle looked a lot like Babs when she was younger. We know that she’s had a lot of struggles, a marriage & a breast augmentation since we first met her. She hasn’t changed too much, but has lost her baby face!

Last, is Leah who I’d venture to say has changed the most. I can’t quite pinpoint exactly what it is, but she looks a different person almost! She’s had 3 babies & has finally found the perfect guy for her!

Who do you think has changed the most?


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