TRENDING! What’s Taking Over The Teen Mom World?!

Jun 04, 14 TRENDING! What’s Taking Over The Teen Mom World?!

Okay, so maybe it’s not taking over…

but, it’s so funny we just had to make note of it.

If you follow Smarty on Twitter (@MissSmartyJones) you know she has a kind of unusual pet. His name is Chubby & he’s a pig! As you can see, he also smiles


So when Chelsea Houska mentioned how much she wanted a pig, Smarty was all over it!


Last week, Katie Yeager tweeted a picture to Smarty of Molli holding a pig.

Currently dying of cuteness.

& last, but not least, newly pregnant Catelynn Lowell took to her instagram to post a picture with her new friend.


Besides being super adorable, pigs are actually very good pets. They’re extremely intelligent & despite the stereotype, they’re clean!

While we’re not sure what started this piggy takeover, we’re TOTALLY loving it!

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