UPDATE! Life After Teen Mom 3 McKee Style

May 20, 14 UPDATE! Life After Teen Mom 3 McKee Style

Okay so…

Not only is Mackenzie McKee the most adorable little thing you ever did see, she is also crafty!

After recently discovering her etsy store (https://www.etsy.com/shop/MackenziesMakings) we quickly became obsessed. The headbands are awesome & she even crochets baby ‘flip flops.’ She also sends a personalized thank you card to everyone who orders from her.
Like I said… adorable!

Mackenzie is busy being a stay at home mom with Gannon & Jaxie right now. Josh is still doing rodeos & she says they pack up their little family every weekend to go cheer him on! Mackenzie is back in tumbling & they still attend church almost every weekend!

The McKee clan sounds like they’re doing awesome& we’re glad because we love them! Someone get them their own show, ASAP.

Now, go forth & buy cute headbands & the baby flip flops because precious.

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