WRONG! Teen Mom Stars Collide Over Jenelle Evans’ Blog

Mar 17, 14 WRONG! Teen Mom Stars Collide Over Jenelle Evans’ Blog

Shortly after TRTMT parted ways with Jenelle Evans of Teen Mom 2 and refused to help her feed the public lies, Jenelle started her own blog with the help of a few of her Twitter groupies. Although the blog claims to have the “inside scoop” on all of the Teen Mom girls and guys, it’s really just a place for Jenelle to pull the wool over everyone’s eyes and tell her own version of the “truth” when a story comes out about her that she doesn’t like.

The website quickly became known as a joke, with fans seeing through the fairy tale life Jenelle claims to have and seeking out other less-biased blogs to get their Teen Mom fix from. The turnout wasn’t what Jenelle expected, and in order to save face, 15k followers were purchased for the blog’s Twitter account to make it look “more legit.” Giveaways were hosted in which prizes were never given out, causing quite a rift between Jenelle and some fans.

Now the website has ruffled the feathers of Teen Mom 3’s Briana DeJesus. An article was written claiming that Briana has a new boyfriend, when she actually doesn’t. Briana tweeted, “No, I’m single,” and followed it with, “I f**king hate Jenelle and her articles.”

So do the rest of us, honey 😉

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  1. Babs Mistake /

    Well put! The website is a joke- just a forum for her to lash out at people and release lies when an unfavorable story comes out

  2. Cristina /

    I love it how Janelle mentioned…as she dressed/primped for court… That she actually LIKES going to court because she “dresses up” to go and it makes her feel “classier”! Geez Janelle! (A quote borrowed from Barbara herself!) …maybe a J-O-B will make you feel like a rock star if you get an ego boost from prepping for court!

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