YIKES!! Teen Mom Star Makes Jaw Dropping Admission!

Apr 23, 14 YIKES!! Teen Mom Star Makes Jaw Dropping Admission!

MTV’s 16 and Pregnant and Teen Mom franchises are supposed to show teens the struggle involved when you become a parent at such a young age, which is why we were pretty disappointed last night on part 2 of the Teen Mom 2 reunion.

Chelsea Houska and her daughter’s father, Adam Lind, have been on and off again way too many times to count. The pair finally appeared to be moving on when Adam got serious with his girlfriend, Taylor Halbur. Chelsea and Adam seemed to be over for good when Taylor became pregnant with Adam’s second child.

On the season 5 reunion of Teen Mom 2, Chelsea and Adam admitted that they were sexually active during Taylor’s pregnancy. Chelsea said she and Adam “cheated” and seconds later claimed that Adam and Taylor were broken up at the time… quite a contradiction.

We were even more surprised to hear that Chelsea and Adam didn’t use a condom. Chelsea is on birth control, but admitted to having otherwise unprotected sex with Adam… while Adam was obviously engaging in unprotected sex with Taylor (that’s where babies come from).

Comment below and tell us what you think of this whole situation!

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  1. Neyra /

    I think we all saw that coming just look at the way they would flirt with each other.

  2. I’m sorry but she is such an idiot and obsessed with that ass. She COULD do so much better but she makes herself look weak and pathetic to millions of people over a stupid loser. He’s not nice to her, doesn’t have a good job, breaks the law and is COVERED with tattoos (nothing wrong with some but all over your hands and neck that limits your future employment) I used to love her but I’m disappointed in her actions and tired of her mooching off the dad and thinking random unprotected sex with adam will make him love her. Rant over! I’m also PMSING so take that into consideration.

    • Diane /

      I must say, I couldn’t have said it any better than u. I totally agree with everything. I think the exact same thing. Smh. But I love her. Just wish she would show a little more power or strength rather than weakness when it comes to him.

      • renae /

        its not always easy to forget about someone you have such a history with ..good or bad .. im going thru the same thing as Chelsea its hard don’t bash her .m

  3. They aren’t kids leave them be… I’m pretty sure this is typical actions on late teens/earlyaadults

  4. lakeida /

    she loves adam i cant say nuttn be cuz i went back to my 3 kids father….that her daughter father thats her first love

  5. Nikki /

    I cano’t wait for the day she gets over Adam. She has her head on straight except when it comes to him… I hope someday she meets a man who will treat her right and be a good step Dad to their beautiful baby girl. She has so much going for her and is so beautiful. 🙂

  6. He must got some good **** cuz all the love in the world can’t have Her running back to an assholes like Adam he’s King douchebag! He’s a bad father anda bad influence he needs birth control!

  7. So basically she just f**ked Taylor….

  8. Megan /

    I have to say she’s a woman she’s gonna do what she wants I hate the fact that a pretty girl like that that has done so much with her life would scoop so low I love watching the show I love watching her she’s a great person but a stupied mind when it comes to Adam if he’s gonna cheat on his future wife with her that’s not a man that’s a low life little child who don’t deserve any of the girl….get ur head straight girl find a real man

  9. kayla /

    That is her baby’s dad. Of course she would, no one has any room too judge.

    • So because she had a child with him she’s clear to have unprotected sex with him for life? Even though he’s having unprotected sex with another girl at the time? Come on. That’s just stupid. Self esteem. It’s an awesome thing.

      • Megan /

        How is it a alsome thing she needs to pull her head out of a** an realize he’s using her he needs to just leave her alone an let her keep doin better for her self her an that baby is better off she a alsome great person an needs to open her eyes an see that

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